A New New Introduction to ZIP Beep (1984-1989) from yet farther into the future of the past
by Chuck Strinz

I just re-read the 1996 intro to ZIP Beep. It gave me the Heebie Jeebies. Talk about making a big thing out of so little!

On the other hand, ZIP Beep was the world's first syndicated online humor magazine. That ought to be worth something. Not much, but something.

The fact is, I'm still pretty proud of ZIP Beep. I'm also proud of what grew out of my early meanderings in the world of cyberspace. Like the public television program I produced last year with the help of Jim Maloney, Back On The Mississippi (hey, that's highlighted, might be worth a look!).

So what's the point of trotting out an old ascii-only online pre-Internet magazine? What does it have to do with life in an era of podcasting and blogs -- both of which will soon become ancient history themselves, given the pace at which digital life moves today?

The point is, there is no point. It's just kind of fun to look back and see what came before.

I still owe Dennis Wallaker a lunch. If anybody ever finds him, let me know.

Read on if you feel up to it. Pin your Reagan For Shah button to your lapel, fire up your imaginary 286 with the 300 bps modem, and get ready for some good (and sometimes not so good) humor. Or, failing that, at least get a look through a glass, darkly. Go to the Table of Contents for the meat, go to the Forward for the 1996 WWW Release for more blather.


July 17, 2005

Forward For the 1996 WWW Release
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